Programme of Events 2017

Full details of our 2017 Programme are detailed below. Dates for your diary are listed and will be regularly up-dated throughout the calendar.

Pony Club Mobile Number 087 / 1217490


REMINDER – Membership renewal was due on the 1st January at a cost of €100.  If you have not already renewed your membership please do so before the rallies begin as you cannot take part in any pony club activity without your membership being up-do-date. Memberships must be renewed online. The option of paying online or by cheque is up to your own preference. Cheques should be made payable to Killinick Pony Club and should be sent to Vonnie Roche, Newtown, Bridgetown, Co Wexford.


Once again we have been asked to remind members that passports are a legal requirement for all horses/ponies and you should have the passport with you at all pony club competitions.  With regard to team events members will not be selected for any team unless they have a current passport for the animal they wish to compete on as failure to produce a passport on the day of the competition may eliminate the team


Vaccinations must be up to date for all pony club activities.  Your horse’s vaccination record MUST fulfil the requirements noted below. Loose vaccination certificates are not acceptable.
The minimum acceptable is the two primary injections, which must have been given not less than 3 weeks and not more than 13 weeks apart. The third injection should follow not less than 5 months (150 days) and no more than 7 months (215 days) after the second injection. Thereafter booster injections must be administered at intervals of not more than one year apart.


Please ensure that your photo is updated on a regular basis. Your medical Armband is required when competing at a cross country event.



It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet at all times when mounted with a chinstrap fastened and adjusted so as to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall.The hat standards accepted as of 1st January 2016 are as follows: PAS 015:1998 or 2011 with BSI Kitemark.


There has been a significant change to the age in which a member can now take their Efficiency Tests.  The age is no longer “Recommended” but is “Minimum” (in the year of the test)

Road Safety Has to be completed before you attempt C+ Riding & Road Safety Badge
H 17 YEARS Orange Certificate
B+ 18YEARS Lilac

*Proposed “E Test” for members under the age of 8. More details to follow.




Minimus training is already in full swing with Swimming. Running & Cross Country training will commence in due course.

For any information on the various elements of Minimus please see



We hope to run a combined training or show-jumping league for 3 Sundays over the course of rallies. Our Fun Team competition which has been held over Christmas holidays for the past couple of years has been a great success and lots of fun.

The main competition in the Irish Pony Club for Show-jumping and combined training is held at the IPC Festival for which we will do our best to qualify.

Team selection for our Area Qualifier takes place on the last day of camp (weather permitting). So in order to be considered, you must attend camp.


The following are the tests set for each level & competition; copies are available to download from




The main competition in the Irish Pony Club for Show-Jumping, Combined Training and Pure Dressage is the Festival which runs over the course of 3 days.


One day events are composed of 3 parts, Dressage, Show-jumping and Cross Country.  This is an individual competition at local level.  Dressage and Show-jumping normally take place in the morning and Cross Country in the afternoon.


Only members who have successfully completed their C test can compete at Junior level and above.  If a member is Over 12 and has not yet taken their C test, they can ride in an Under 12 competition but are not deemed to be in competition and are therefore not eligible for prizes.  This also applies to members who are over the age group for juniors but wish to ride in a junior competition.  This is referred to as Hors Concours (HC).  If a member is entering a competition and is riding HC it should be clearly stated on the entry form.  Remember if you are riding HC in a competition make sure to learn the Dressage Test for that level. Full description of Horse Trials and Rules are available on the Pony Club Website www.irishponyclub.ieAll members should make themselves familiar with the rules.


To qualify for Horse Trial Championships (this is a team and individual event) members must have successfully completed 2 One Day Events (ODE’s) one with no Cross Country (CC) jumping penalties and one with no more than 20 cc jumping penalties.  Completion of the relevant section at the championships in the previous year without cross country penalties may count as one of the above provided it is by the same combination of horse/rider.  Please note that U12 is not a championship competition.  Please also note that there has been a rule change in the U12 competition; All competitors must be of D+ test standard.


Payment for Entries: Most Clubs have now signed up for Online Entries, so entries for Events can be submitted online by competitors/parents at Alternatively, if the host club is not using the online system you can submit your entries through your club and must be submitted at least two days before the closing date.  Entries will only be accepted on the official entry form with the relevant entry fee. Also please note that if you enter a competition and do not go on the day or do not withdraw your entry before the closing date your club is automatically charged for your entry and you will not receive a refund.

Individual entry options will be detailed by the host club on their ODE Flyer.

The Irish Pony Club Website is packed full of details surrounding ALL disciplines. Also visit and find us on Facebook at Killinick Pony Club.


Bring on the busy season ahead!


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