Musical Ride

The objective of the Musical Ride (also called the Activity Ride) is to allow the ordinary child on the ordinary pony to participate in this FUN activity and take part in the Pony Club Festival without having to compete at Area level to qualify. A pony doesn’t have to be able to jump high or do amazing dressage, but these ponies can also take part.

The Musical Ride teaches children to ride in circles, straight lines and in rhythm with the emphasis being on fun and music, Riders also have to consider others in the ride and so learn to work as part of a team.

This activity is suitable for all ponies, all members, all ages.

To watch the amazing story The Killinick Harriers’ winning Musical Ride performance please follow the links below. Enjoy!!!

The late Cherry Brandon did much work in recent years to increase the popularity of the Musical Ride. As an artist herself, she introduced a special prize for Artistic Impression, and this incentive increased the scope of the Musical Ride. Her daughter, Faith Ponsonby is now the driving force behind the Musical Ride and a number of years ago, arranged for the winning ride at the Pony Club Festival to put on a display at the RDS Horse Show in August. This display has become the highlight of the show for many spectators and participants.

The Musical Ride, through fun, teaches control and discipline, as well as improving the skill of the riders and training the ponies.

The main attraction lies in the music and the movement of all riders acting together.

The Musical Ride is judged at the Pony Club Festival or Area Qualifiers.

There is a special competition for the Club who are participating in the Musical Ride for the first time.

The ride should last no longer than 10 minutes.

The ride should fill the arena with movement. The pace can be varied (walk, trot or canter) but whatever pace is set, it should, as far as possible, be kept steady.

A uniform turn out for riders, uniform size and colour of ponies in sections and uniform distances between the ponies (usually one pony’s length in single ride). When ponies are side by side in line – all contribute to the spectacle.

The smart performance of simple movements well within the capabilities of those taking part, often produces the most effective ride. Depending on the number in the ride

The size of the arena will depend on the number of riders taking part, and the demands of the ride. For twelve to sixteen riders, an arena from 40 to 60 meters in length and 20 to 30 meters in width would normally be sufficient. However up to 20 riders can take part once they are in multiples of four. The 60 metre standard dressage arena is excellent for many rides. The maximum size arena that can be made available in 2010 will be 60 meters in length and 30 metres wide. If they wish, Rides may reduce this arena size using moveable markers. They will be responsible forbringing, laying out, and removing these markers.

Only permitted Riding Helmets are allowed.

Entrants in the Musical Ride compete for:

The Vivienne Hillery Trophy – Best Musical Ride
Brandon Cup – Best Team Artistic Presentation
Ponsonby Trophy (in memory of Mrs Cherry Brandon) – Best 1st time Musical Ride (competing for the 1st time in 5 years)

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